Conferences & seminar presentations

MoneyLIVE Digital Banking 2018 (London)

SMAU 2018 (Berlin)

NOAH Conference (Berlin), presentation screening

Bonitäts- und Finanzgipfel 2017 (Berlin)

FinTech Meetup Series (Berlin)

House of Finance FinTech Seminar, Goethe University (Frankfurt/M.)

European School of Management and Technology MBA Masterclass “Innovations in Finance” (Berlin)

International Bankers Forum “Digitalization of the Financial Industry – Challenges, Potentials, Changes” (Berlin)

AEA/ASSA/IBEFA Annual Meetings (Boston)

European Finance Association Annual Meetings (Vienna)

8th Workshop on Political Economy (Dresden)

Bank of England Research Seminar (London)

DIW/Bundesbank Conference “Achieving Sustainable Financial Stability” (Berlin)

8th Annual Risk Management Conference (Singapore)

3rd MoFiR Workshop on Banking (Ancona)

Society for Financial Studies Cavalcade (Washington D.C.)

INFER Annual Conference (Pescara)

Royal Economic Society Annual Conference (Manchester)

IWH/INFER Workshop on Applied Economics and Economic Policy (Halle)

FIRM/McKinsey Innovation Platform (Frankfurt/M.)

Ruhr Graduate School of Economics Conference (Dortmund)

13th FDIC Annual Bank Research Conference (Washington D.C.)

Deutsche Bundesbank conference “The Stability of the European Financial System and the Real Economy in the Shadow of the Crisis” (Dresden)

Marie Curie ITN Final Conference on Financial Risk Management & Risk Reporting (Konstanz)

Bank Resolution Mechanisms Conference (Dublin)

CONSOB/Bocconi conference “Banks, Markets, and Financial Innovation: Efficiency, Systemic Risks, and the Role of Regulation” (Milan)

IWH/INFER Workshop on Applied Economics and Economic Policy (Halle)

INFER Annual Conference (Orléans)

3rd International Conference of the Financial Engineering and Banking Society, FEBS (Paris)

5th International IFABS Conference (Nottingham)

7th Annual Risk Management Conference (Singapore)

European Central Bank Research Seminar (Frankfurt/M.)

Verein für Socialpolitik/German Economic Association (Duesseldorf)

28th European Economic Association Annual Congress (Gothenburg)

DFG/Max Planck Institute conference on “The Structure of Banking Systems and Financial Stability” (Bonn)

SAFE/Deutsche Bundesbank conference (Frankfurt/M.)

Surrey-Fordham Conference (Guildford)

Risk Management Institute Research Seminar of the National University of Singapore (Singapore)

European Banking Authority Research Conference (London)

National Bank of Poland/Cracow University Banking Conference (Cracow)

12th International Conference on Money, Banking, and Finance (Rome)

12th FDIC Annual Bank Research Conference (Washington D.C.)

Barcelona GSE Banking Summer School (Barcelona)

PhD workshop House of Finance (Frankfurt/M.)